Private Utilities Are Killing Us.

For-profit, corporate monopolies like Central Hudson answer to Wall Street investors while extorting us with termination notices and rate hikes, leaving our infrastructure crumbling, poisoning our communities, busting unions, and spending fortunes opposing clean energy policies. All so that they can continue raking in profits.

Energy is a public good that does not belong in the hands of predatory profit seekers. It’s time to take our power back.

It’s time for Central Hudson to go!

Online Town Hall: Apr 25th, Sunday, 1pm.

Join us for an online Town Hall, where we’ll hear from candidates, electeds, activists, and residents on why we need to create an energy system that’s for the people by the people.


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Did You Know?

  • Central Hudson sent out 206,241 termination notices during a pandemic, between March and November 2020.
  • Central Hudson is planning to raise the rates again this summer.
  • 50% of all families who pay 10% or more of their income on power bills are Black.
  • Public utilities are on average 13% cheaper than investor-owned utilities.